Various Activities

Various Activities of Yayasan Perdamaian Lintas Agama dan Golongan are:

Peace Talkshow

  1. Peace Talkshow at local TV (Solo TV)
  2. Peace talkshow at local radio (Immanuele radio and Gesma FM)

SPI and MPI Alumna Gathering

  • There are 3 alumnas of SPI
  • There are about 40 alumnas of MPI
  • They all spreading all around Indonesia, implement their peace knowledge in their own field

Build Houses for the hardliner group

  • MDS
  • MCC Singapore network

Disaster and Human reliefs

  • MDS

Peace with Environment Approach

  • Windan/Al Muayad Islamic Boarding School (Organic Farm)
  • Padepokan Goblok (Healthy Water and Organic Fertilizer)

Interreligious and intercultural dialogue

  • School of Peace (SOP)
  • MCCL Choir
  • MCC network
  • Religious institutions and local beliefs in Surakarta

Conflict transformation training



Peace game application