YPLAG Invites STT Intheos Students to Build Peace

Youth is a major part of peace building. Placing youth as one of the spearheads in caring for peace while reducing conflict in Indonesia.

Youth has an important role especially in the digital era where people interact more in cyberspace than in the real world. Access to cyberspace that is open to anyone becomes one of the fields for the development of incitement actions and contains elements of breaking the unity and integrity of the nation.

Why youth?

In addition, because youth are our future leaders, it is also because youth are the most internet users, especially in the use of social media. Based on the results of research published January 31, 2019, of the 268.2 million population in Indonesia, 150 million of them have used social media. The research has a duration of research from January 2018 to January 2019 which is packaged in the report “Digital Around The World 2019” states that:

  1. Age: 18-24 Years Old
    • Male: 18%
    • Female: 15%
  2. Age 25-34 Years Old
    • Male: 19%
    • Female: 14%

Youth as the next generation of the nation, the generation that will create the future of Indonesia must be able to see comprehensively the issues that occur and then speak the truth wisely without causing further conflict which further aggravates the situation.

Students from Intheos Theological College were one of the targets in strengthening youth to build peace. Through Conflict Transformation for Peace Training , Saturday, March 7, 2020, YPLAG provides training participants about peace, conflict and conflict transformation to trainees who are representatives of each level of students who study at STT Intheos.

This training tries to open participants’ insights about what they have been understanding about conflict and peace, also invites 29 participants to map out conflicts and issues that are close to them, their roots, main problems and impacts.

Zon Vanel, the training facilitator in her presentation, said that it is important for us to map the conflict. “So far, we know that the conflict occurred on issue A, for example. If we don’t map this conflict, we will get carried away with the issue. In fact, the main problem could not be that. It could be because of a small thing, a personal matter and then to get support from his friends, this issue was brought about by religious and tribal taps which later impacted into a larger conflict. (yplag.org/kohoei).

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