The Way of Peace Former Terrorist Convict’s Wives, SOLO – From a gold shop saleswoman, a slang young woman in the early 1990s, Umi Widayati, she never thought that her way of life would lead her to become the wife of a terrorist convict and lose the life of her child who is involved in an extremism-based organization in Poso.

A young woman is busy feeding her toddler in front of Puskesmas Purwosari, Jl. Flamboyan, Solo. She sat on a long wooden bench, next to the table where the seller’s stalls, Wednesday (21/10/2020). Umi Widayati, the seller, engaged in a casual chat with her.

Several men and women, employees of the puskesmas, come and go. They have know the goods immediately took some of their favorite cakes to the ‘cat rice’ (small rice packets, typical of Solo and Jogja) that was sold. Often they eat food in that place while chatting with Umi and her husband, Joko Tri Priyanto, 49.

Joko is a former terrorist convict (napiter) for two different cases in 2006 and 2012. The first case relates to his role in hiding Noordin M. Top. Noordin is the person responsible for four suicide bombings in Indonesia, namely the JW Marriott Bomb 2003; 2004 Australian Embassy Bomb; a crowded restaurant for foreigners in Denpasar, Bali, 2005; and the 2009 Mega Kuningan Bomb.


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